Business Intelligence

Detailed information on data warehouse

The Data Warehouse

Data are a precious commodity. We accompany you in every step when combining data from different systems and making them available to your users in a targeted and optimised way

ETL process

Selection and Loading

 Typically, different systems use different databases. In addition, there are legacy data, and data from file sources, e.g. Excel® tables.


 In the first step, together with you, we identify the relevant data sets for your business process and load these into a joint database

Filtrated information

Optimisation / Provision

We optimise the data structure and make data uncomplicated and securely accessible


for various purposes, for example for the representation as lists or diagrams,

for quick ad-hoc requests, or exporting.

for various users, e.g. for study managers, data managers, Statistics or managers.



Visualising facts and correlations.

A graphic representation makes data understandable.

We provide you with the tools to visualise your data.