Welcome to medinix

We provide study teams, researching companies, and clinical research organisations with the power to master their data. 

What Sets us Apart


You need to deliver to your customer.

What does your customer need?
What is the best solution for your case?
How can we help you with your data in the most efficient way?

We think about these questions. It is our goal to understand your and your customers needs.

We think that understanding each other and our customers is key to a good cooperation.


Fairness, Quality, and Respect.
Working at and with medinix means working with people, who value transparency, fairness and sustainability.

Support times till 10:00pm, transparent on-demand dashboards for our cutomers regarding Time - Cost - Quality, and cooperation according to our customer's needs are our way to work at our best.


"The art of communication is the language of leadership"

James C. Humes 


Creativity, Curiousity, and Teamwork. Data as a topic has changed drastically over the past years. The way we use and visualize data is rapidly evolving.

As we evolve with these changes we are mastering new tools, skills, and therefore the changes themselves to fullfill our mission.


We master the tools and the knowledge to make our customers masters of data.

"Facilitate insights, which matter for patients"

You want to become a part of medinix?

If you would like to work in a company that offers worldwide contacts, appreciates its employees and their ideas and where you can develop yourself individually, take a look at our vacancies:

Wir suchen Sie!


Medical computer scientists

IT specialists

Medical Documentaries

Clinical Programmer



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Our Team is complete


If you are nevertheless interested in medinix, we would be pleased to receive your unsolicited application.

We invite you to support worldwide studies and to shape the future of medinix with us.


How does a typical workday in our office looks like?

"I look forward to creating new things every day and to bringing medinix forward."

P. Z. - Aus. Mediengestalter

"As a student, the flexible working hours allow me to combine job and study in a great way."

H. L. - Klinische Programiererin

"I like my work at medinix because you can work on many different projects and topics and each day is very individual."

L.T. - Klinische Programmiererin

We focus on quality and sustainability. We are creative, abreast of the time, view developments critically, and only recommend innovations we are convinced of. 

Fair cooperation is important to us to ensure that you achieve your goals.


With best regards

 Frank Buschlinger, Managing Director