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The history of medinix information systems gmbh starts in 2001. After four years of working at ciba-geigy AG/Novartis AG in Basel, Switzerland, followed by freelance work, I founded the company alone in 2001 and started out with a data management order in the pharmaceutical industry. Already one year later, I was able to employ my first employee, who remained with us for 15 years. Both then and today, our main focus is on the implementation of study protocols and patient questionnaires into an electronic data capture system, as well as the representation of clinical data in lists, reports and dashboards.


Meanwhile we have slowly but steadily grown to a team of 10 people. The vicinity to the university town of Saarbrücken with its excellent computer sciences programmes, is of great benefit to our growth. This allowed us to employ well-qualified IT and bioinformatics graduates. For the past year, we have also been giving back, by offering bioinformatics students, within the framework of a spare-time job, an insight into the work of a service provider in clinical research. In addition, we also offer Bachelor and Master's theses.


From the beginning, we have been involved in international study teams. We value this internationality as an enrichment, and qualify our employees accordingly, so that we can appreciate cultural differences.

Time and technological development is moving forward rapidly. We keep pace and support electronic data capture and reporting systems of various manufacturers. Which takes us to the next problem: Having data is not difficult – however, combining data, is on a different level It can't be denied, it simply takes a lot of work to comprehensively evaluate data which has been captured unstandardised or in different systems.


We have the advantage of both understanding the data, and knowing the standards and tools required to meaningfully integrate data. In the area of data visualisation, a huge technological leap has been accomplished with products such as Tableau, which makes both study teams and managers, the masters of their data. Processes can be identified in no time and new findings are possible, without the need of programming.

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Frank Buschlinger, Managing Director