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Frank Buschlinger

What matters to us in the team

Living or working? - Both!

  • We care about each other. For example, we can honestly admit when we are overworked, have problems have that limit us
  • constrain us or are close to our hearts. But also share ideas that just inspire us
  • We work and think solution-oriented, not problem-oriented. I.e. we find more solutions than problems.
  • We are mindful of ourselves and others
  • We are In dealing with each person, in our work environment, respectful, fair, honest and courteous.
  • We work so that at the end we can look back with satisfaction on what we have achieved.




What we value

The cornerstones of our collaboration

  • Politeness, respect, honesty
  • Interested in communication and customer contact
  • Willing to work conscientiously
  • Good - Very good knowledge of English
  • German language skills are an advantage, but can also be be acquired accompanying the work
  • Excitement or interest in working on the PC, in the office and with colleagues

Over 22 years, the medinix timeline


medinix was born


The first colleague!


Move to large office with 9 employees


Kick-off media design


Dogs on board!


12 employees, 2 office dogs and the courage to do more

Home sweet home - St.Ingbert

Beer covers from the 'Glasbiermetzgerei' we celebrate!

The Ingobertus Square just 2min walk away

The train station, about 8min walk away

A view outside, directly onto the marketplace

Fancy a trip downtown?

Impressions from the office and social media

Our old building office with parquet floors

Office dog Luna, at work

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Our meeting room

Together, coffee tastes best

Would you like to drink something cold?

The little details make all the difference

Topics, that excite & inspire us

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