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Can you capture your data at a glance?

We apply principles from design and orient ourselves to human perception.

With this knowledge in our luggage we help you to create effective visualizations that can be seen at a glance.

Experts in their field of expertise

These people make sure that you can understand your data at a glance.

Trust our experts for databases, data entry, dashboard design & design.

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Your perfect overview created in 3 simple steps


You are experts in your field, according to your specifications we will work with you to create a presentation that will optimally support you in your workflow.


Our design team will start to make a first draft. Depending on the order, you will have it in your hands within one day!


You will receive a functional prototype from us, with which you can try out everything and express last improvement wishes.



Learn the principles of effective data vizusalisation



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Make sure that other people are also
understand your data at a glance

There is a crucial presentation coming up in which you have to argue with data ?

Let your data tell a story and take your audience with you. Dashboards give you control through story points and filtering with one click.

You don't have to be an expert in visualization, because we can help you.

Our presentation service
Get inspired by a master of data storytelling:
Hans Rosling

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ready for visualization?

19 years of experience waiting to optimize your data

Profit from a team with 19 years of experience with clinical trials and data.

We prepare your data for you, no matter whether it is checks, standardization or integration from different systems.

We make sure that you see the data you need - no matter where you come from.


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