A Day at medinix

The Morning

So Late Already?!

Overslept? No problem. We have flexible working hours.


Adapt your working time:

Your Way to Us


 We are located in the heart of St. Ingbert, which is well connected to public transport and motorways. Parking spots are available around our office.


Our colleagues arriving by train, just need 10 minutes to reach their office. 


Moreover, our student coworkers can simply step into a bus after their lecture and find themselves 20 minutes later at work with a cup of tea in their hands.

At the Office

Coffee or Tea?

That goes without saying:

Of course we got tea and coffee. 

Every morning you can enjoy your breakfast break, reading interesting books off our shelf, talking with colleagues or checking news.

Daily Briefing

In the morning we come together and discuss our plans for the day, make appointments and coordinate. 


This enables us to work effeciently together and to communicate current issues quickly.

Time to Work

During the day you are busy either with programming, support or dashboard design. We are always happy to help each other during different projects.


At medinix you are never reduced to just one task. You can participate in various projects from designing our website to configuring clinical studies, which will provide new insights in medical treatments.

Time for Lunch

Vegan, fast, healthy, asian or just a snack?


St. Ingbert is ready to dish. Take a look into the menu of our local restaurants.


Take your time to discover the possibilities during your flexible lunch

break of up to 2 hrs.


Tight scheduled day? Let's order some food together.


Your fridge is empty? Fill your stock before you drive home, a REWE store awaits you right around the corner.


Or just bring your lunch box with you and enjoy your home-cooked meal in our kitchen.

Halfway Through

After lunch and maybe a short walk through the public park, it is time to be back at the desk.


Maybe Susanne from the US is calling or you are finishing that nasty SQL script. 


If there are news, ideas or issues occuring in our working routine, we put them on our weekly meeting agenda to stay tuned. This way we address new developments and improve our company together.

Late Shift

We are working with international customers from all over the world, therefore we have scheduled late shift weeks with an extended office time till 10 pm.


During this time we are able to cooperate with and talk to our clients from foreign countries.

At the End of the Day

What did you achieve? Maybe you were involved in studies beeing conducted all over the world, helped to engage new diagnostic methods for various diseases.


"We facilitate insights, which matter for patients" - of course not every day is filled with ground breaking topics, but step by step we contribute to a better future. 

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